The steel is heat and corrosion resistant.
In order to have a durable steel that does not break through, the tank of your brazier must be at least 3mm thick. Below that, the steel will not last more than 3 to 4 years depending on your use. Note that steel is lighter than cast iron.

Corten steel is a special steel designed to resist corrosion by adding alloys such as copper, nickel molybdenum, chromium and phosphorus.
The steel is protected by a surface oxidation layer : the patina. It is a very durable steel.
It can be left outside without worries and quickly becomes insensitive to the weather.
This steel has an original and unique colour. It can be defined as orange. As each corten steel does not react in exactly the same way, its colour will be unique.
As far as maintenance is concerned, it’s the bare minimum. Indeed, this steel can self-heal if it is scratched, for example. It will take a few weeks for the patina to set. So there may be some orange drips but nothing significant. Once set, the corten will not move.

  • Its advantages: high resistance and low maintenance.
  • Minus : some drips may need to be cleaned during the first few weeks.

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