Here is a non-exhaustive list of accessories that you can use for your next meals with your brazier.

The grid :
A brazier can be very versatile if you add a grill above the fire. This one will allow you to grill your food but also to put wok, paella pan, saucepan …etc.
You can prepare your entire meal on your brazier.

The wheels :
You can also add wheels to your brazier. Our smallest braziers are 85kg and the larger ones can weigh over 300kg. If you need to clean your patio or move the brazier to a safe place, the castors will save your life. They will make your brazier much easier to move and you can do it yourself.

Utensils :
For a meal around a brazier, you need the same type of cooking utensils as for a barbecue with one exception: the metal spatula. This will allow you to easily remove food residues from the hotplate (ideally on a warm plate). The choice of other utensils will depend on what you are going to cook (knife, tongs, spits, etc.).

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