First, place your brazier in an open, flat area away from trees and anything else that could easily catch fire.
Next, you need good quality, dry firewood. Oak, ash and beech are often used as they allow for long firing times. Birch, poplar or fir are softer woods that are best used for lighting your brazier. If you use charcoal, keep in mind that it is recommended for cooking that does not require much heat.

To start with, you need to build a tower with a few ignition plugs in the firebox.
You can then put a natural fire starter in the middle of the tower with some small logs on the kindling. If you do not have a fire starter, you can use newspaper and kindling, for example.
Now you have to light your fire. Let the firelighters burn a little and add a few logs at intervals. Keep in mind that your fire must be aerated.
And now your brazier is ready!

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